Why The CORE Training, Inc?

Last year, we created 200+ millionaires on our coaching program. However, we have room for more. Will you be next?

Our clients have a 94% success rate on our program. We believe in profitability through accountability

On average, 75% of our clients have joined our program due to the results of a professional acquaintance or competitor.

The CORE coaching program has changed my life. I make 3x the money I made when I started 2 years ago, my quality of life has increased, my work hours have decreased, I took 3 months maternity leave and still closed 15+ deals a month. What more can I say? Get off the fence and join the best coaching program there is!

Hanna Price

TN. Real Estate Agent

 I’ve been a coaching student for 4 years and I’ve seen my savings triple and have erased all bad debt. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as chasing shiny objects. If you are willing to surrender and work hard, this is the home for you. This is a first class organization ran by people who not only coach the business but are in the business.

Jeremy Larkin

TX. Real Estate Agent

Working with The CORE Training, Inc. was hands down the best decision I have made for my business. Finishing my first year with The Core, my income jumped from $69,000 to $180,000. Better yet, I’ve learned how to create an incredible home buying experience for my clients and be a better lender for my real estate agent partners.

Briana Waller

CA. Mortgage Lender

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The CORE Training, Inc. Coaching Breakdown


Length: 3-36 Months 

Range: $0- $250,000



Length: During 36 Months

Range: $200,000 – $400,000



Length: 0-10 Years 

Range: $300k+


Our coaching begins with level 1 and then continues for years to come so that you never stop making professional progress. We help you eat the elephant (your business) one bite at a time

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